Faceshades - The Beach Umbrella For Your Face


Beach umbrellas are great, but they can be too large to carry and often you only want to shade sun from your face so you can read or check out the view in peace.
Faceshade open
Faceshades are a uniquely small beach umbrella that give you a portable sunshade for your face at the beach.

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Block Out The Sun – Not The View

Faceshade Tilting MechanismQ: Not seen much at the beach lately?
A: You will now.

Q: Is protecting your face making you feel a little smothered?
A: Finally there’s a better way. Faceshades!


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Relax and Watch the World Go By

Girl on Beach covering faceNo need to drape that t-shirt or hat over your face, carry a huge beach umbrella or put up the shade tent when you get to the beach. All you should be doing is lying on the sand, relaxing and watching the water and the world go by.

Shade your face from the sun with a faceshade!

Faceshades are much smaller than other beach umbrellas and come with an inflatable pillow for added comfort. When ready to go it’s simple to pack up. Just take the umbrella pole apart and wrap the deflated pillow around it. Then pop it into your beach bag and go. It’s that easy.

Girl on Beach with FaceshadeFaceshades are lightweight and conveniently small, making them a must have beach accessory for when all you want to do is go to the beach, check out what’s going on around you and feel the breeze on your face.

Umbrella material is UPF 50+.

Faceshade – the cool solution to avoid getting hot and bothered under those cover ups.

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Talk to Us


Deborah S

Can’t imagine going to the beach without taking the face-shade with me now as it’s ideal.  I love reading books at the beach and it’s so easy now that I can take off my sunglasses and lay down and read in comfort. Deborah S...

Cherie D

Me and my friends think the faceshades are great as we can finally talk to each other now while we sunbathe. The size is perfect as the faceshades are small enough to fit in our little beach bags as none of us take bulky bags because after we leave the beach we sometimes go to a cafe or bar. Cherie D...

Suzanne – Florida

I love the faceshade, it makes relaxing on the beach even nicer now that I don’t have to worry about my face getting too much sun.  It’s lovely to actually see the ocean when I sunbathe rather than have my t.shirt on my face! Suzanne...

Axel – California

Living in southern California we go to the beach a lot all year. We got the faceshades to be protected from the sun. They work excellent with the adjustable umbrella and having a pillow is comfy too. My girlfriend is taking frequent naps in the shade now. The compact size is nice. They fit easily in a bag so we don’t have to haul a big umbrella around on a bike or walking. Axel...