Julie with Faceshade on Beach

I came up with the idea for the Faceshade a few years ago while working in the film industry in California doubling actresses.

On one particular movie I wasn’t able to have a tan on my face as the actress I was doubling had very pale skin.

On my weekends off I unfortunately had to stop going to the beach and relaxing because regardless of wearing high UPF sunscreen I also had to cover my face with my hat or t.shirt for extra protection which made me feel smothered, hotter and very uncomfortable.

Soon after as I walked off the beach I looked around and saw so many other people all looking attractive sunbathing in their swim wear but managing to spoil it by looking silly with their tops or hats over their faces.

Faceshade Open Facing LeftThey couldn’t feel the breeze on their face, check out what was going on around them or relax watching the ocean.  Some struggled to read by having their arms uncomfortably ache, holding their books in the air to shade their faces from the bright glare of the sunshine.

This is when I thought of the obvious solution. One which I could easily see others using too.  So I came up with the Faceshade, a simple and attractive accessory which makes immediate sense to not only the sunbather using it but to others on the beach seeing it for the first time.